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EP3 Wireless card headset MP3 player

Name: Wireless card headset MP3 player

Function and Feature:

1.Reader function:

Plug in TF card, connect to computer by USB2.0 cable, then download music and studying materials

2.Power supply:

Inlay rechargeable Li battery, use high efficient  components ,it can works more then 15hours

3.Play style:

MP3,WMA,WVA. format, maximum capacity 32GB TF card

4.Sound design:

Best Horn to ensure HI-FI acoustic, Support original WAV by the best decode chip

5.Headset function:

Use the audio wire with microphone function(selectable) to connect headset and PC mic port ,then you can have a voice chat

6.LED indicator:

Green light flash-works normal

Red light flash-needs to recharge, after flash 1 min, headset will shut off automatically

When charging, red light keeps flashing, after done, the light will stop

7.Press the Play/Pause button, headset will shut off auto after 30s if no further operation

Tech parameter:

Rated impedance:32Ω

Power: 330mA/H Li battery

Input voltage: DC 5V

Rated power:25MW


Play stype:MP3/WMA/WAV


FR:20Hz  —  20KHz

Working TemL-10°C  — +50°C

Battery recharging:2.5H

Manual instruction

1.TF Card

2.Short press last, Long press V-

3.Short Press next, Long press V+


5.USB socket


7.LED light



Do not use it in moist condition, don't let any liquid enter

Please adjust suitable volume in case damaging your health

For first time use, please recharge battery after the power runs out